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Tara Maa Enterprise

Manufacturers and suppliers of Hospital supply equipment

Our Hospital Furniture such as Bed Table, Bed Side Locker, Hospital Instrument Cabinet, Examination Table, Baby Cot, Durable Bedside Locker, Foot Step, Hospital Fowler Bed, etc., are highly impressive and right to invest in.

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Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Exporter for Baby Cot, Durable Bedside Locker, Bed Table, Examination Table, Foot Step, Hospital Fowler Bed and many other products

About Us

To perform medical procedures with comfort & ease, hospitals around the world are updated with sound furniture. These items not just give comfort to patients but also to medical practitioners. We, Tara Maa Enterprise, started our journey to provide highly reliable and durable furniture for hospital purpose to customers.

We are a legally registered company, operating as a manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter, to run operations and meet requirements of customers. We provide Baby Cot, Durable Bedside Locker, Bed Table, Examination Table, Foot Step, Hospital Instrument Cabinet, Bed Side Locker, Hospital Fowler Bed and many other products that are used in medical centers.

Our expertise in the industry can be observed from the offered unquestionable quality of products, availability of items in different sizes & specifications and ability to retain major customers. We regularly work on retaining our place in the vendor list of customers by bringing improvements and having better products for clients.

Quality of Our Products

At our premises, quality control plans are followed and strict actions are taken. The quality controlling team at our company supervises development stages of Bed Table, Durable Bedside Locker, Foot Step, Examination Table, Baby Cot, etc., to ensure right production. Further, we have given this team a crucial responsibility of testing products and allowing dispatch only after being completely satisfied with product attributes. 

Technology We Employ

We have installed modern technology at our premises to have a range which carries impressive features and accuracy in construction. We are proud of citing that our company makes use of modern machines and tools for welding, cutting, polishing, painting and many other production works. Further, we have technological equipment that are used for quality checking, research and many other works. 

How We Satisfy Customers?

In order to satisfy customers, our experts do brainstorming and together as a team follow several approaches. The first thing which customers like about us it that we deliver high quality range, no matter how small or big the order quantity is. Availability of our products, such as Foot Step, Examination Table, Baby Cot, Bed Table, Durable Bedside Locker, etc., in many sizes and specifications also impresses customers. Some other characteristics that help us in satisfying customers are:

  • Facility of giving several payment modes to customers
  • Delivery of orders at the destination chosen by clients
  • Reasonable prices of the range
  • Clarity in trade deals


Our recruited team is intelligent, proficient, honest and sincere. Because of qualities of our professionals, we can complete tasks in a better speed and make records of success in the hospital furniture market. Further, the works we do as a company to motivate and retain employees are extensively praised and the main reason behind the positive work environment in our company. 

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Quality of Our Products

We deal with a product category, which finds usage in healthcare sector. We truly understand that a little damage, uncomfort or any flaw in the offered items

Technology We Employ

Having the desired quality attributes in our hospital furniture items with the use of manual methods is impossible. Therefore, we employ modern technology


Our business tasks are done with a high level of professionalism and this is because we have a sharp team of professionals. The appointed team is intelligent
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Exporter for Hospital Furniture such as Instrument Cabinet, SS Bedside Locker, Bed Table, Examination Table, Crash Cart, Hospital Metal ICU Bed, etc.
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